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The battle against spam emails can sometimes feel like an endless struggle, but there are effective ways to significantly reduce the influx of unwanted messages into your inbox. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various methods you can employ to stop spam emails in popular email clients like Outlook and Gmail, as well as provide additional tips to minimize unwanted messages overall.

1. How to stop spam in Gmail:

 How to Stop and Block Spam Emails

Blocking: For single spam emails, you can block the sender by opening the unwanted email and selecting the More icon (three vertical dots) > Block [sender’s name].

Reporting spam: For consistent spam issues, use Gmail’s Report Spam feature by selecting the emails you want to report, then clicking the Report spam icon (a stop sign with an exclamation mark) at the top of your inbox.

Filtering: Set up custom filters in Gmail to automatically sort and manage incoming emails based on specific criteria. This can help further reduce unwanted messages.

2. How to stop spam in Outlook:

Blocking: In Outlook on the web, block a spam sender by selecting the checkbox next to the email, then choosing More options > Block > Block sender > OK.

Reporting spam: Similar to Gmail, Outlook allows you to report emails as spam, which moves them to your Junk Email folder. Select the message, then choose Report junk from the toolbar.

Filtering: Use rules (similar to filters) in Outlook to automatically organize incoming emails based on conditions you set. This can help streamline your inbox and reduce spam.

3. Additional tips to stop spam emails

Unsubscribe from promotional emails:

Take advantage of unsubscribe links in promotional emails to remove yourself from mailing lists.

Keep your email address private: Avoid posting your primary email address publicly to minimize exposure to spammers.

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By implementing these strategies and staying vigilant, you can effectively combat spam emails and maintain a cleaner, more manageable inbox. Remember to regularly review and update your filtering and blocking settings to adapt to evolving spam tactics.

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