8 Countries That Accept Nigerian Students With Dependents

The United Kingdom (UK) recently announced changes in its policy regarding dependents of international students, restricting the eligibility for dependents to only those accompanying students pursuing Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) studies. Dr. Richard Montgomery, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, stated that this policy shift aims to address the unsustainable pressure placed on universities due to a surge in dependent immigration.

8 Countries That Accept Nigerian Students With Dependents

8 Countries That Accept Nigerian Students With Dependents

However, for Nigerian Masters students considering options abroad with their dependents, here are eight countries that offer opportunities:

1. Canada: Canada welcomes immigrants to strengthen its economy and reunite families. The country’s dependent visa allows international students to bring their dependents and permits them to work or study full-time.

2. Germany: Germany’s dependent visa, also known as a family reunion visa, enables family members to join and live with their relatives in Germany either temporarily or permanently.

3. New Zealand: New Zealand offers a dependent child student visa, allowing children to join their parents in the country and study at primary or secondary schools. Children must be 17 or younger and financially dependent on their parents.

4. Australia: Australia’s dependent visa permits family members of citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens to live and work in the country, including spouses, children, and other eligible relatives.

5. Denmark: Danish green card holders can bring their families with them using the green card Dependent visa, including spouses and unmarried children below 18 years of age.

6. Finland: Finland’s D visa allows immediate travel to the country after receiving a residence permit. Family members can join students with a residence permit, and the processing time for visa applications has significantly reduced.

7. Estonia: Family members of students in Estonia can apply for a family visa, allowing them to stay in the country for one year.

8. Sweden: Sweden offers various permits for dependents, depending on the situation of the individual residing in the country.

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These countries provide opportunities for Nigerian Masters students to pursue their studies while having their dependents accompany them. Each country has its specific requirements and application processes, so it’s essential to thoroughly research and adhere to the guidelines provided by respective immigration authorities.

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