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Making Money Online Is something that has gained a lot of momentum In recent times. However, many people who have committed a lot of resources, time and effort to the opportunities online have been disappointed at the end of the day.

Many have been scammed already. Those that were not scammed have paid for online courses, only to discover that some of the stuffs they were taught doesn’t actually work. For some, the only way to monetize It Is to continue charging Money to teach other people stuffs that do not work.

Many Affiliate Marketers are sitting down comfortably on this table I’m shaking 😃😃 Many people have been lured with mouthwatering offers like “lemme teach you how to make $1,000 In 2 weeks” bla bla bla. Due to these experiences, many people have considered making money online as a myth.

Others jump from time to time on the trending Ponzi scheme that’s paying. Just like the pyramidal structure of network marketing, they only get paid when they have a certain level of referrals.

Many are not able to meet up with the requirements and can’t withdraw their funds from the Platforms. Many of the Platforms crashed eventually when referrals are no longer coming In to sustain the pyramid.

Yet, people are still cashing out daily on the Internet. Bloggers, Influencers and Celebrities are making a lot of money. Content Creators, Top Affiliates, Companies, Freelancers and Professionals are using social media to rake in thousands and millions in Naira and Dollars.

In this article, I want to Identify the singular mistake that’s preventing you from making money online. The tool you need to make a lot of money online Is an open secret. However, people either discountenance It or lack the patience to Implement It.

With this open secret, you can make money from all the Platforms on the Internet today. Be It E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing, CPA, Amazon KDP, Blogging or any other platform, trust me when I say that all the top earners on these platforms have this tool in common.

The common mistake Is that those who want to make money online usually put the cart before the mouse. Before you enroll for any online course or Invest In any platform, there’s one thing you need to do first to enable you make lots of money online.

The Singular thing you need to do Is to Build an AUDIENCE. Yes, that’s the open secret. If you don’t have followers or loyal people who trust and stan you, you may not be able to make much money online.

You need to have a massive followerships and audience online. To do this, you need to project yourself as an Authority In your field. When you have hundreds of thousands of followers on any of your social media platforms, you’ll make money easily online.

Permit me to buttress my point with a recent example on social media. The Current Record Holder of the Cook-a-thon, Chef Hilda Bacci Is organizing a cooking class for people online. She charged 35K per applicant and over 5K people registered for the class.

From this single cooking class alone, It was projected that she’s made over 187 Million Naira ☺️ E shock you? Why was she able to get over 5K people to register for the class? It’s all because she has a massive Audience online and have inspired a lot of people.

If you have your own active audience, you can easily make money by creating contents on YouTube and Facebook. You can easily sell your Courses to people as an Affiliate Marketer and make millions as sales Commission.

With a large followership, you can easily get Referrals to earn a lot from all those Ponzi platforms. If your Page is quite active and engaging, people will come to you for Adverts and Sponsored Posts.

You can’t make money by obscurity online. Everyone that has made it here got their Money from an established Audience online. Even those who are lucky enough to go viral online got promoted accidentally on some Pages with large followerships.

Therefore, take your time to build your audience first. That’s the best Investment you can ever make. Don’t be too quick to make the money yet. Restrain yourself, delay gratification and have a lot of patience. You’ll make the money when It’s time.

What you need to learn is how to Brand yourself online and have lots of followers and Audience. Once you ace this, you’ll be able to make money online from any platform you choose.


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