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Content Is the Information, Idea or the experience you publish online. It Is usually published and offered to an Audience. Its format could be text, visual, audio and Video.

Contents can be about almost anything. You can create contents about Entertainment, Politics, Technology, Education, Travelling and Adventure, Business and Career, News and Infomation, and so many more.

In this digital world, contents should be
— Useful
— Relevant
— Authentic
— Easy to Consume
— Compelling
— Engaging
— Shareable
— Timely
— Educational
— Original
— Personalized
— Entertaining
— Insightful
— Contextual
— Conveying a story

What are the things you must consider before creating a content;
— Target Audience
— Niche
— Competitors
— Selection of topics
— Editing
— Promotion of Content
— Presentation and Publishing

Who Are Content Creators
— Influencers
— Bloggers
— Writers
— Artistes
— Photographers
— Graphic Designers
— Podcasters
— Skit Makers, etc

Attributes Of Content Creators
To be a successful content creator, you must possess some or all of these attributes;
— Creativity
— Consistency
— Talent, Knowledge or Expertise In a field
— Promotional or Marketing Skills
— Organized, Focused and paying attention to details

20 Ways To Make Money As A Content Creator
All of these would work If you build a Massive Audience on social media.

1: Offer Online Learning: This could be Webinars, E-books, How-to Guides, etc

2: Become A Consultant

3: Consider A Brand Partnership

4: Convert Your Contents Into Sellable Arts

5: Offer Subscriptions

6: Sell Merchandise

7: Set up Speaking Engagements offline and online

8: Participate In Affiliate Marketing

9: Allow Direct Advertising

10: Include Ads In Your Contents

11: Accept Donations From Your Followers And Fans

12: Create Guest Contents

13: Set Up A Community

14: Write A Book And Sell

15: Syndicate Your Contents

16: Sell Your Brand

17: Do Freelancing And Charge Money By Creating Contents For Clients

18: Monetize Your Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc)

19: Create Digital Products: Online Courses, Memberships, etc

20: Do Online Tutoring On Platforms That Pay

Do not procrastinate. Take Action today and believe In Yourself. Seek mentorship when you do not understand a thing and remain focused on the Goal.

Yours Truly,
Ganiyu Badmus

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