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In this article, I’m going to show you an alternative to receiving international payments in USD. And this is an alternative to PayPal, to Payoneer, and other payment services you use to receive money from international platforms.

This is actually one of the biggest problems for those of us here in Nigeria, and that is exactly why I’m making this content today. I’ll walk you guys through how you can set up an account with Skrill and verify the account and start using it to receive international payments from different platforms in the online space.

Firstly, you actually want to get started with going over to the Skrill website. The major beauty here is the fact that this is zero hassle for you to create your account with Skrill. You don’t have to start thinking of the documentation to actually provide like Peruna does. Or the limitations that PayPal also brings for you.

With Skrill, you have the option of receiving international payments. They do not give you a US bank account just like Payoneer does. but then you have three major options here for transfer,

— Whether it’s you receiving Skrill payment from another Skrill user, or

— It’s you receiving international money transfer, which you get to send money from your bank or

— Card to another bank account abroad or you can actually request money, just like you can do on PayPal, where you can easily request money.

Skrill Is more of like an Invoice or a payment link that that particular client can use to make payments to you. So this is going to most likely be very useful for you if you’re a freelancer and you have people that actually need to pay you from different parts of the world.

Skrill may actually be the go-to guy for you. And also for our crypto brothers, those of you guys that actually deal with crypto, especially if you’re looking at dollar arbitrage or crypto arbitrage businesses, then Skrill might also be one of those guys that would help you with that.

Now all you want to do is to go ahead and use this link, franklivan.com/Skrill And once you use the link, it brings you over to the Registration page and you can actually click on register.

And once you’re registering right here, it’s already telling you to fill in your details. You’re gonna be filling in your first name, your last name, your country, your currency, and then you would also want to fill in your, your email address and then fill in your password.

Once you’re done with that, you can actually check on the box and click on register. Now once you register, you need to verify your email address. Then you have to sign in.

You can see here that you can do three major things with Skrill.

— One, you can pay online for anything.

— Two, you can buy and sell crypto.

— Three, you can send money.

And once you actually have this, let’s just say we want to buy or send money. And this is really where you’re going to go over with the second verification process that will allow us to complete our registration and then start using Skrill as a verified Skrill user.

So you want to go ahead and Impute all of these details here.
details and you’ve completed your registration then it is going to bring you over to the page where you have you know some level of access to your Skrill account.

Okay now on having some level of access to your Skrill account, you may want to make a deposit. Skrill is going to ask you to make a deposit.

— Make a Deposit

— Continue with providing them the Proof of address.

It’s going to take a while for the verification to be complete.

Also If you have a card, you want to make a deposit with your Skrill account, you can go ahead and put in your details here, add a card and you can make a deposit into your Skrill. So this is exactly what will work.

If you know the payment method you want to use is not working, you can deposit the money on Skrill and use Skrill to make payments in that particular you know situation.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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