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Here’s how to get your first viral video in 2023. Have you ever wondered why the likes of Logan Paul, KSI or Mr. Beast remain on top?

It’s fair to say the top content creators are not one hit wonders. They’re doing something right and it’s intentional. It’s simply because a long time ago they mastered a formula and have been silently repeating it ever since.

What if I told you that getting a video to go viral is easier today than ever before? This is because the algorithm is based on numbers and sequences. So if you want a viral video, the most efficient way to get there is to follow a data-driven approach.

Now hold that thought. The next thing I’m gonna share is so vital that you should save it as your wallpaper because I promise you no one is sharing this kind of information online.

Let’s start with something I like to call sub niche selection. We all know to pick a niche for our videos, right?
Picking a broad niche isn’t enough anymore, especially if you want your video to stand a chance of going viral. Now don’t be intimidated, I’ll walk you through it.

For instance, back in 2019, you could enter the AI niche, post a few videos, and voila, you get views. Today everybody’s talking about AI, so how do you stand out amongst all the noise? This is where the idea of sub-niche selection comes in.

By honing in on the AI niche, doing in-depth research, as well as using the four-point theory, you can find a gap amidst the competition. size sub niche, the algorithm can identify who to show your content to better, since there’s a limited number of videos being created around that sub niche.

You know what they say, the riches are in the niches. The next step is to determine which type of virality you aim to achieve. The first way is by riding the wave. This means achieving a sudden burst of views by leveraging a trending topic.

However, the second type is the one nobody talks about Is known as long-term virality, i.e accumulating a steady number of views daily and staying in the algorithm for months, if not years.

This method is more sustainable and predictable. Once again, all of this comes back to competition research. The key is to gather data, hence why it’s called a data-driven method.

And when you become an expert at conducting this kind of research using all the tools such as the four-point theory, all you need to do is repeat in any niche you like.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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