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We just found out that Elon Musk is actually suing Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, Threads and everything and his reason is that Threads is or was or has stolen Twitter’s IP and trade secrets and then they have used that information to create their application Threads.

In his own words he said “competition is fine but cheating is not.”  Now I am not here to encourage the violence but I actually want to talk about why it seems like Threads is winning right now and they are probably going to be winning for a while.

Usually when we download a new application, the one thing that’s always missing is the people. It was a problem that I had when I first downloaded Twitter as well, more than 12 years ago now.

There was just no people, my timeline was empty and I had to manually look for people and ask people for their handles and then I had like a small community of friends which was very weird.

This is a problem that Threads have solved from the job because the minute we all signed into threads, we saw a bunch of people.

How? Hold on Bro. Initially when you signed in before you started following anybody, most of the people there were people you didn’t know right? But it was still fun because there was entertaining content to engage with and that’s a mistake a lot of applications made.

Now gradually as the applications started getting more saturated and more people started to sign up, the timeline algorithm started to change slightly so we were seeing less of random people and more of the people who were actually following or the people we knew from Instagram. Which was very smart.

I feel like there was no better way to make sure that they kept their engagement up and people addicted and people just trading and trading throughout the day and just trading their needles because without doing that people would have gotten bored and said ah this application is boring and then they would have left.

Think about the sheer size of Facebook and Instagram. Merge that together and then think about having all those users just have access directly to trade and all their friends and family are there waiting for them and ready to interact with them.

Then think about Twitter, an application where if you open it now and you put your stuff there, for the next 2 months you might have only 3 followers because nobody is going to know who you are.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

It’s a very interesting period and I am very curious to see how this lawsuit actually turns out and what happens at the end of it. I wonder what you think is going to happen. Let’s know in the comments section.

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