How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk

MTN BetaTalk is a unique tariff plan, which was brought into Nigeria recently by a leading telecommunications firm in Nigeria, MTN. The betatalk plan brought by MTN has some great features, this tariff is 200% recharge bonus broadcasting time is N100

Dial *123*2*6# to migrate to mtn BetaTalk

How Do I Migrate to Mtn BetaTalk?

To migrate to MTN BetaTalk follow the steps below:

To migrate is so simple and easy. All you have to do is to either wait for One month after you must have migrate to the new one. But if you have stayed for One month after migrating to any other tariff plan then you can Dial *123*2*6# or text BT to 131 to get started.

This is one of the latest tariff and the best one in Nigeria is coming from MTN Nigeria. One of the best Telecom in Nigeria. Mtn beta talk plan comes with 200% Per Recharge bonus airtime on every recharge of N100 and above.

With Mtn Beta Talk, you will get 3 times the value of your recharge on this package. When you make calls, National calls will be charged at the same flat rate of N24/minute (40k/sec) from the customer’s bonus and main accounts.


How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk

With this tariff of MTN, you will receive 3 times value of yours to recharge. When you reach the limit of your calls, Internet, and SMS, internal calls will be updated at the N24/minute price (40k/sec).

Also, pay attention that all internal calls, SMS, and data will be updated from the main accounting record of the client as soon as bonus broadcasting time will end or will begin to expire. Earlier registered clients of MTN can pass to the tariff plan MTN Beta Talk.

Migration to MTN BetaTalk Tariff

Meanwhile, the paid clients possessing tariffs of MTN Trutalk, MTN iPulse, Zone MTN can migrate on MTN Beta Talk. So, what are the advantages of the tariff, and how to migrate to Mtn beta talk? How to migrate to Mtn beta talk? MTN beta talk plan After you pass to MTN BetaTalks rate, you will enjoy the mass of useful options if you change the tariff plan.

Advantages of Migrating To MTN Betta Talk

You will be eligible to all the following advantages:

  1. Remuneration in the form of 200% of broadcasting time in case of account replenishment for N100 and more,

  2. Bonus time for air lasts within a week
  3. NB: Bonus broadcasting time will be available to call all over the country, local SMS, and the data of PAYG,

When you recharge on the rate of MTN beginning with N100 or above, you receive 10 MB of data within 7 days.

Note: This Is How You Should migrate to Mtn BetaTalk?

Bonus money for your personal account will be replenished only once a week (that is in the case of account replenishment of N100 and above, you have the right to use services of this bonus, but its limit shouldn’t exceed 10 MB. After that, you will be able to receive a bonus anew, but only in case of new replenishment next week. How to migrate to Mtn beta talk? Mtn beta talk activation code To pass to this new rate of MTN, just dial *123*2*6# or text BT to 131.

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As you can see, MTN beta talk is an excellent tariff, which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of mobile communication without overpayments. With its help, you will be able to receive a quality communication and pleasant bonuses on the most beneficial prices

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