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Tensions are rising in Rivers state because a peace deal fell apart, leading to more efforts to impeach Governor Fubara. Things got worse after Governor Fubara decided to move the location of the Rivers Assembly and said he wouldn’t obey someone who helped him become governor.

At a political rally, Edison Ehie, the chief of staff to the Rivers state government, talked about how people tried to bribe him to help impeach Fubara. He said they offered him money to kick Fubara out of office, but he said no. Even though they pressured him and offered him money, he stayed loyal to Governor Fubara and turned down the bribes.

The drama surrounding the impeachment of Governor Fubara has intensified lately, especially with the involvement of former Governor Nyesom Wike, who has revealed his strategy amid his ongoing feud with Fubara. Wike’s alleged role in pushing for Fubara’s impeachment has worsened the tension and deepened the divide between the two prominent politicians. The APC in Rivers state has urged lawmakers loyal to Wike to start the impeachment process against Fubara, adding fuel to the already heated political situation.

The political crisis in Rivers state has garnered widespread attention, with various stakeholders sharing their views on the unfolding events. Prince Uche Secondus, a former national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has accused Wike of being behind Fubara’s political troubles. Secondus believes that the chaos stems from Fubara’s refusal to yield to the demands of his political opponents, who are seeking unfettered access to the state’s finances.

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As the situation continues to develop, the political atmosphere in Rivers state remains tense, with uncertainties surrounding Governor Fubara’s leadership and the stability of the state government. Edison Ehie’s disclosures offer insight into the complex political dynamics and power struggles shaping the state’s political landscape, highlighting the intense competition for control and dominance.

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