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Dear Parents,
If you still have young kids that are still growing up, here are three apps that I highly recommend that you introduce to your kids, download it on their tablets or on their iPads or whatever. These apps are both available on iOS and Android.
Now the third app is my favorite of the three.

The first App is called Johnny’s Grammar’s Word Challenge. This app will actually allow your children to be playing with English words, sentences, grammar and all of that, and it’s actually a very fun app to use.

The second app is called Learn English Grammar. The reason I love this app is because it’s going to be teaching your kids very simple English grammar and it’s going to be showing them simple sentences and they are going to be taking quiz and it’s going to be scoring them based on that.

And at the end of the day, the child can decide to take a test to see how good he or she has become and they design this app in such a fun way that the children don’t get bored.

The third app and my favorite of them all is an app called Cannes Academy. This one contains a lot of other subjects, not just English. So your child can decide to be taking a math quiz. And before the child takes the math quiz, you to ask the child the grade that the child is in, what class and all of that.

Based on this category, the child can be taking different, different quiz or maths, and it’s going to help the child develop their math skill very fast.
So please try any of these apps out and let us know down in the comments what your opinions are, all right? I’ll catch you again in the next one.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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