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Here are 3 Simple Android Mobile Hacks You Didn’t Know About. The last one feels illegal to know and It can put you Into trouble.

1: If your phone Is charging slow and you want It to charge a little bit faster without switching it off, simply pull down the Notification Tab and switch on the Airplane Mode. It’ll charge faster

2: On Your Android Phone, you can turn on live caption and get transcription while you’re watching contents online or a movie.

Click the Volume Button on your phone
Tap on the three Dot Icon and click on this 🔘 button
Get live Transcription Instantly.

This is going to work even without Internet Connection.

3: If someone decided to share their Data with you through WiFi, you can easily share the Data with another person. Simply switch on your Hotspot and give the person your Password.

It certainly Is not something good and you can get yourself into trouble

Watch the video for more details 👇

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