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A couple of things are wrong about the Threads App. There are 5 disturbing things about this app and number 4 will piss you off.

Instagram Threads aka the twitter killer broke the world record as the most rapidly downloaded app ever with over 30 million signups in less than 24 hours. The Threads App is a dense cut of twitter. Everything feels the same which is as able to like, comment and share.

1: But the funniest thing is that you cannot send DMs.

2: Anyone you block or restrict on instagram is automatically blocked and restricted on the trade zap.

3: If you delete your threads account, your Instagram account automatically deletes so please be careful.

4: If you use an Android phone, I have bad news. You cannot download Images directly from the threads app to your phone. You would have no threads than to screenshot.

But on your iPhone, you can do this easily just by holding on the picture and clicking on save photo. Share your experience in the comment section and let me know what you think about this app.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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