Access, Zenith, UBA, Other Nigerian Banks Set ATM Withdrawal Limits for Customers

The current cash scarcity situation in Nigeria seems to be exacerbating, with banks resorting to imposing withdrawal limits on customers across various regions. Many banks have begun restricting daily withdrawals to no more than N20,000 per customer, making it increasingly challenging for Nigerians to access cash through Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) or bank branches nationwide. This scarcity persists despite data from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) indicating an increase in money circulation.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a bank employee revealed that the implementation of cash restriction policies stemmed from insufficient funds. Another bank employee in Lagos State corroborated this, stating that their branch had not restocked ATMs for two consecutive days due to cash rationing measures.

As a result of the limited cash availability in banks, many Nigerians are turning to Point of Sale (PoS) operators for their daily cash needs. However, this shift presents its own challenges, as some individuals express concerns over the safety of PoS transactions.

While some banks impose withdrawal limits as low as N10,000 per transaction, others restrict daily withdrawals to N20,000. This policy has created inconvenience for customers, particularly those requiring larger sums for urgent transactions.

Financial analyst Ali Wasiu suggests that while reducing cash circulation can have its benefits, the CBN should implement currency control measures to address the situation effectively. He highlights the possibility of banks hoarding cash to sell to PoS operators, which may contribute to the scarcity experienced by customers.

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Femi Egbesola, President of the Association of Small Business Owners in Nigeria, emphasizes the negative impact of the cash crisis on financial inclusion efforts. He asserts that dwindling confidence in the banking system could hinder individuals, especially those in micro-enterprises, from depositing their cash and conducting daily transactions.

Access, Zenith, UBA, Other Nigerian Banks Set ATM Withdrawal Limits for Customers

In light of the prevailing challenges, it is evident that Nigerians are seeking alternative means to access cash amidst the ongoing scarcity. However, the long-term implications of this crisis on the economy and financial sector remain uncertain.

Despite efforts by regulatory authorities and financial institutions to address the cash scarcity issue, challenges persist for Nigerian bank customers. With withdrawal limits in place and reliance on alternative channels such as PoS transactions, individuals are navigating a complex financial landscape. As stakeholders work towards finding lasting solutions, it is crucial to prioritize the interests of customers and ensure the stability of the financial system.

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