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Starting a small business in Nigeria is an exciting endeavor, offering numerous opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their passions and build successful ventures. With the country’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and a burgeoning market, there’s no shortage of business ideas that can be easily started with minimal capital investment. In this guide, we’ll explore 20 small business ideas that individuals can readily embark on in Nigeria, leveraging their skills, creativity, and determination to achieve success.

19 Profitable Daily Income Businesses In Nigeria

1. POS Business:

The Point of Sale (POS) terminal business has witnessed significant growth in recent years due to the rising demand for agency banking services. As a POS agent, individuals can earn commissions by facilitating financial transactions for customers. With as little as N30,000, aspiring entrepreneurs can start a POS business by partnering with financial institutions like Moniepoint MFB, providing a convenient service while generating steady income.


• Requires minimal capital investment to start.

• Provides opportunities for earning commissions on transactions.


• Requires compliance with regulatory requirements and documentation.

• May face competition from other POS agents in the vicinity.

2. Cleaning Services:

With many individuals leading busy lives in urban areas, the demand for cleaning services for homes and offices continues to grow. Entrepreneurs can seize this opportunity by offering professional cleaning services, requiring only basic equipment and supplies to get started. As the business grows, additional hands can be hired to meet increasing demand, leading to scalability and higher profits.


• Low entry barriers and minimal capital requirements.

• High growth potential as demand for cleaning services increases.


• Requires physical labor and manual work.

• May face competition from established cleaning companies in the market.

3. Photography Business:

Photography presents a lucrative small business opportunity for individuals with a passion for creativity and visual storytelling. By investing in a quality camera and honing their photography skills, entrepreneurs can cater to various events such as weddings, birthdays, and corporate functions. Additionally, selling images online through stock photography platforms can provide an additional stream of income for photographers.


• Allows individuals to turn their passion for photography into a profitable business.

• Offers flexibility in terms of working hours and assignments.


• Initial investment in photography equipment can be substantial.

• Requires continuous skill development to stay competitive in the market.

4. Fashion Thrift Business:

The thrift fashion market, commonly known as ‘okirika,’ continues to thrive in Nigeria, offering affordable clothing options to budget•conscious consumers. Entrepreneurs can capitalize on this trend by sourcing high•quality thrift clothes and footwear for resale. With the advent of social media platforms, advertising and marketing thrift fashion items has become more accessible, allowing entrepreneurs to reach a wider audience without the need for a physical store.


• Low overhead costs as no shop rent or utility bills are required.

• Provides opportunities to cater to the growing demand for budget•friendly fashion items.


• Requires careful selection and inspection of thrift items to ensure quality.

• May face competition from other thrift sellers in the market.

5. Event Planning:

As the culture of celebrating special occasions and events continues to thrive in Nigeria, the demand for professional event planning services remains high. Entrepreneurs with a knack for organization and creativity can venture into event planning, offering comprehensive services for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and more. Building a portfolio through small•scale events and word•of•mouth referrals can lead to the growth and expansion of the business over time.


• High demand for event planning services in Nigeria.

• Opportunities for growth and scalability through referrals and client testimonials.


• Requires meticulous planning and attention to detail.

• May encounter challenges in coordinating multiple vendors and suppliers for events.

6. Palm Oil Storage Business:

Nigeria’s abundance of agricultural resources presents opportunities for entrepreneurs to venture into the palm oil trade. By capitalizing on the seasonal fluctuations in palm oil prices, individuals can establish a palm oil storage business, purchasing palm oil during the peak season and storing it for sale during periods of high demand. With careful market analysis and strategic storage management, entrepreneurs can realize significant profits in the palm oil trade.


• Profit margins of up to 50•60% during peak demand periods.

• Potential for nationwide distribution and scalability of the business.


• Requires adequate storage facilities and infrastructure.

• Susceptible to market fluctuations and price volatility in the palm oil industry.

7. Catering Services:

Catering services offer a lucrative business opportunity for individuals with culinary skills and a passion for cooking. Entrepreneurs can start a catering business from their kitchen, providing delicious meals for various events and occasions. With low initial investment costs and the ability to gradually expand the business, catering services can be a profitable venture for aspiring entrepreneurs.


• Low start•up costs and minimal equipment requirements.

• Flexibility to cater to a wide range of events and client preferences.


• Requires compliance with food safety regulations and hygiene standards.

• May face stiff competition from established catering companies in the market.

8. Copywriting Service Business:

In today’s digital age, businesses rely heavily on compelling content to engage their target audience and drive sales. Copywriting services offer an opportunity for individuals with strong writing skills to capitalize on this demand by providing persuasive copy for advertisements, email campaigns, and website content. With the right mix of creativity and strategic thinking, copywriting can be a profitable small business venture.


• High demand for copywriting services across various industries.

• Potential for recurring revenue through long•term client relationships.


• Requires continuous skill development and staying updated on industry trends.

• May face stiff competition from freelance copywriters and content agencies.

9. Sports Viewing Centre Business:

Football enjoys widespread popularity in Nigeria, making sports viewing centers a lucrative business opportunity in many communities. Entrepreneurs can capitalize on this passion for sports by setting up a viewing center equipped with comfortable seating, large screens, and reliable cable connections. By providing a welcoming environment for sports enthusiasts to watch live matches, entrepreneurs can generate revenue through entry fees and refreshment sales.


• High demand for sports viewing centers, especially during major sporting events.

• Opportunities for building a loyal customer base through quality service and amenities.


• Initial investment in equipment and venue setup can be substantial.

• Requires careful consideration of licensing and legal requirements for broadcasting live sports events.

10. Confectionery and Baking Business:

The confectionery and baking industry presents opportunities for entrepreneurs to capitalize on the growing demand for cakes, pastries, and other baked goods in Nigeria. With basic baking equipment and recipes, individuals can start a baking business from home, catering to events, celebrations, and everyday consumers. By offering unique flavors and high•quality products, entrepreneurs can differentiate their brand and attract loyal customers.


• Low start-up costs and minimal overhead expenses for home•based baking businesses.

• Potential for creativity and innovation in product offerings to cater to diverse consumer preferences.


• Requires adherence to food safety standards and regulations.

• May face competition from established bakeries and confectionery shops in the market.

11. Laundry Business:

Laundry services are essential in urban areas where individuals have limited time for household chores. Entrepreneurs can start a laundry business with minimal investment by offering door-to-door laundry services to customers in their neighborhood. With basic washing supplies and equipment, such as detergent, soaps, and a small washing machine, entrepreneurs can meet the demand for convenient and reliable laundry services.


• Low start•up costs and minimal equipment requirements for home•based laundry businesses.

• Potential for scalability through additional services such as dry cleaning and ironing.


• Requires physical labor and manual handling of laundry items.

• May face challenges in building trust and reliability with customers in the initial stages of the business.

12. Zobo or Hibiscus Drink Business:

As health•conscious consumer preferences continue to rise, there is a growing demand for natural and nutritious beverages such as Zobo or Hibiscus drink. Entrepreneurs can capitalize on this trend by starting a Zobo manufacturing and distribution business. With basic ingredients like hibiscus leaves and natural spices, individuals can produce and sell Zobo drinks to consumers, offering a healthy alternative to sugary beverages.


• Growing demand for healthy and natural beverage options in the market.

• Opportunity to innovate and create unique flavors to attract customers.


• Requires investment in production equipment and packaging materials.

• Seasonal fluctuations in demand for Zobo drinks may impact revenue streams.

13. Blogging and Content Creation:

Blogging offers a platform for individuals to share their expertise, insights, and opinions on various topics while monetizing their content through affiliate marketing, advertising, and sponsored posts. Entrepreneurs can start a blog on topics of interest or expertise, attracting readers and building a loyal audience over time. By consistently producing high•quality content and leveraging social media channels, bloggers can monetize their blogs and generate passive income streams.


• Low barriers to entry and minimal start•up costs for blogging platforms.

• Potential for passive income through affiliate marketing and advertising revenue.


• Requires consistent effort and dedication to produce engaging content and grow a readership.

• May face competition from established bloggers and content creators in the niche.

14. Perfume Oil Business:

The perfume oil business presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter the fragrance market with minimal investment. By purchasing perfumes in small quantities from wholesalers and reselling them to customers, individuals can start a perfume oil business from home or through online platforms. Understanding customer preferences and market trends is crucial for success in this business, as entrepreneurs cater to specific demographics and preferences.


• Low start-up costs and minimal inventory requirements for perfume oil businesses.

• Potential for high profit margins through wholesale and retail sales.


• Requires market research and product differentiation to stand out in a competitive market.

• May face challenges in building brand awareness and customer trust without a physical storefront.

15. Professional Driving Services:

As ride•hailing platforms continue to gain popularity in Nigeria, there is a growing demand for professional drivers to provide transportation services to passengers. Entrepreneurs can register with companies like Bolt, Uber, and Lyft and become professional drivers, earning income through fares and incentives. With a valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle, individuals can start a professional driving business and serve customers in their local area.


• Flexible working hours and potential for high earnings through ride•hailing platforms.

• Opportunity to provide essential transportation services and contribute to community mobility.


• Requires initial investment in a vehicle and compliance with company requirements and regulations.

• May face challenges such as vehicle maintenance costs and fuel expenses.

16. Scrap Metal Sales Business:

The scrap metal sales business offers an opportunity for entrepreneurs to contribute to environmental sustainability while generating income through recycling activities. By collecting scrap metals from various sources and selling them to recycling companies, individuals can profit from the demand for raw materials in manufacturing and construction industries. Building relationships with collectors and recycling companies is essential for success in this business.


• Potential for steady income from the sale of scrap metals to recycling companies.

• Contribution to environmental conservation and resource sustainability.


• Requires investment in transportation and handling equipment for collecting and transporting scrap metals.

• Market fluctuations and changes in scrap metal prices may impact profitability.

17. Road Transportation Business:

Entrepreneurs can start a road transportation business within their local community or across state lines, providing essential transportation services to passengers and goods. By registering with local road transport unions and acquiring suitable vehicles, individuals can offer private charter trips or public transportation services to commuters. With careful planning and adherence to safety regulations, road transportation businesses can thrive and expand their operations over time.


• Potential for steady income through passenger fares and transportation services.

• Opportunity to provide essential mobility services and contribute to local economies.


• Requires investment in vehicles, maintenance, and insurance for transportation operations.

• Challenges such as fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, and regulatory compliance may impact profitability.

18. Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to leverage their online presence and influence to promote products and services for brands. By creating engaging content and building a following on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, individuals can attract clients and earn income through sponsored posts and brand partnerships. With the right strategy and audience targeting, social media marketers can capitalize on the growing demand for digital advertising and influencer marketing.


• Low barriers to entry and minimal start-up costs for social media marketing businesses.

• Potential for high earnings through sponsored content and brand collaborations.


• Requires continuous engagement and content creation to maintain audience interest and growth.

• May face competition from established influencers and marketing agencies in the industry.

19. Ice Block Manufacturing:

Ice block manufacturing presents a profitable business opportunity in Nigeria, particularly in areas with unreliable power supply or high temperatures. By investing in ice•making equipment and securing a suitable site for production, entrepreneurs can produce and sell ice blocks to businesses and consumers. With efficient production processes and reliable distribution channels, ice block manufacturers can capitalize on the demand for cooling solutions in various industries.


• Consistent demand for ice blocks in sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, and food processing.

• Potential for high profit margins through bulk sales and distribution partnerships.


• Requires investment in equipment, storage facilities, and transportation for ice block production and distribution.

• Vulnerable to seasonal fluctuations in demand and changes in weather conditions.


Starting a small business in Nigeria offers individuals the opportunity to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and contribute to economic growth and development. From catering services and copywriting to ice block manufacturing and social media marketing, there are countless business ideas that entrepreneurs can explore with determination and creativity. By leveraging their skills, resources, and market insights, aspiring entrepreneurs can build successful ventures and achieve their goals in Nigeria’s dynamic business landscape.

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