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From Software to Agric: Mfon Uwa’s Journey to Revolutionize Poultry Farming in Nigeria with Yiieldy

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Mfon Uwa, a former software engineer, has embarked on a remarkable journey to transform poultry farming in Nigeria through his innovative platform, Yiieldy. Combining his tech expertise with a passion for agriculture, Uwa has developed a solution aimed at modernizing and optimizing poultry farming practices.

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Yiieldy leverages technology to provide poultry farmers with real-time data, analytics, and management tools. This platform helps farmers monitor their flocks’ health, optimize feeding schedules, and improve overall productivity. Uwa’s vision is to make poultry farming more efficient, profitable, and sustainable, addressing the challenges faced by traditional farming methods.

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By integrating software solutions into agriculture, Mfon Uwa is setting a new standard for poultry farming in Nigeria. His work with Yiieldy not only enhances farm management but also contributes to food security and economic growth in the region. Uwa’s innovative approach demonstrates the powerful potential of technology to drive positive change in the agricultural sector.

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