The big exam called UTME is happening all across Nigeria right now. The people in charge, JAMB, are working hard to check all the answers and make sure everything is correct. They say they’ll tell everyone’s results as soon as they finish all their work. They mentioned this on April 21, and lots of people are waiting eagerly to hear how they did.


This year’s UTME started on April 19 and will keep going until April 29. Nearly 2 million people signed up for it, which is a lot more than last year. JAMB’s job is not just to organize the exam but also to help people get into universities and other schools in Nigeria. The exam is important because it decides who can study where and what they can study.

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After the exam, JAMB talks about the lowest score people need to get into different schools. Some schools need really high scores, while others are okay with lower ones. JAMB also says no to bringing things like calculators to the exam to make sure everyone plays fair and there’s no cheating. They want everyone to have a fair chance to show what they know.

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