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Blogging Is surely one hustle that can make you rich. It can also generate passive Income for you while exposing you to lots of opportunities online.

Creating a blog only requires these few steps;
— Get a Domain
— Get a Hosting Plan (with SSL)
— Install WordPress
— Design the Blog
— Promote the Blog
You can actually pay for all these If you’re a Novice.

How do you make money from Blogging?
— By Using Ads Network (Like Ezoic, AdSense, Adsterra, etc)
— Through Guest Posting
— By writing sponsored Posts for clients
— Through Direct Advertisements for Brands
— By offering blogging services to fellow bloggers (solving technical problems and getting paid for it)
— By Flipping websites
— Buying and selling of Domains
— By placing Affiliate Links on your Blog
And many more, the opportunities are limitless. A popular Nigerian Blogger on Facebook announced today that he was signed as a Brand Ambassador by a Tech Company.

If you’re really keen on making money online, Blogging Is one of the surest options available to you.


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