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If You Have Large Followers On Social Media, This Message Is For You

We all know that It Is not easy to build organic followers on social media. It requires a lot of painstaking efforts, patience and wits. Maintaining and retaining your followers takes even more efforts.

Unfortunately, Mark Zuckerberg can wake up one morning and decide to suspend or ban your Page. Years of hard work gone down the drain just laidat🤔

This Is why you should also be planning towards how you can have a permanent repository of your followers on social media. You can achieve this by;

1: Having a Backup Page

2: Build a forum and use hosting plans to save records of your followers

3: Have an Email List

4: Build a Community of your followers through Facebook Groups, WhatsApp and Telegram groups

5: Pray to God and don’t violate any Community guidelines on social media. Avoid getting banned as much as possible.
Prevention is better than cure.

Tenkiu 😊

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