How to Screen Record Your Mac, Windows, and Chromebook In 2024

How to Screen record your Mac, Windows, and Chromebook In 2024. Recording your screen on your Mac, Windows PC, or Chromebook is a great way to show friends your cool gaming tricks, make tutorial videos for software you use, and show off your techniques in digital art. Unfortunately, screen recording isn’t quite as easy as taking a screenshot.

There are, however, a ton of ways to accomplish this task, and you should be able to record your screen on Windows or any other device in just a few minutes after picking one.

The task is easier than you might think, as Windows 10/11, MacOS, and even Chrome OS have built-in tools that can get the job done. In this guide, we’ll show you how by using native, open-source, and paid third-party tools.

How to screen record on Windows using Xbox Game Bar

Windows 10 includes a native video capture tool, but it’s primarily designed for gamers. However, it can be used for any open application, offering a convenient way to record the screen and even add audio if needed.

  1. Select the Start button, followed by the Gear icon located in the Start Menu.
  2. Select Gaming in the Settings app.
  3. Toggle the Xbox Game Bar feature to On.
  4. Adjust further customization options under Captures.
  5. Open the Xbox Game Bar by pressing Win + G.
  6. Start recording by pressing the Start Recording button on the Capture overlay. Stop recording by pressing the Stop Recording button.
  7. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Win + Alt + R to start and stop recording.

How to screen record on Windows using PowerPoint

How to Screen Record Your Mac, Windows, and Chromebook In 2024

Recording your screen with PowerPoint is relatively easy, but you need Microsoft’s desktop software and a Microsoft 365 subscription.

  1. With a PowerPoint file already open, select Insert > Media > Screen Recording.
  2. Draw a box around the area you want to record.
  3. Click the Record button to start recording and the Stop button to end it.
  4. Right-click on the recorded video within PowerPoint and select Save Media As to save it.

How to screen record on a Mac using the Screenshot tool

macOS Ventura includes a native feature that allows you to record the screen and take screenshots.

  1. Press Shift + Command + 5 to bring up the screenshot toolbar.
  2. Select the Record entire screen or Record selected portion button.
  3. Click the Record button.
  4. Stop recording by clicking the Record button on the menu bar or by pressing Command + Control + Esc.

How to screen record on a Mac using QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player can be used for basic screen recording on older versions of MacOS.

  1. Open QuickTime Player.
  2. Select File > New screen recording.
  3. Choose recording options and start recording.
  4. Stop recording and save the video.

How to record your screen on a Chromebook

Google offers a native screen recording tool for Chrome OS.

  1. Press Shift + Ctrl + Show windows button.
  2. Click the Screen capture button and select the recording option.
  3. Choose the area to record and start recording.
  4. Stop recording by clicking the Stop screen recording button.

Multiplatform (Chrome extension)

Install the Screencastify Chrome extension for screen recording on Chrome OS, Windows, and Mac.

  1. Open the Screencastify listing in the Chrome Web Store and add the extension.
  2. Sign in with your Google account and follow the prompts to create a Screencastify account.
  3. Select a source (Browser tab, Desktop, or Webcam only) and adjust settings.
  4. Start recording by clicking the Record button and stop it when done.

Alternative offline apps for professional work

If you want an enhanced recording experience from an app specifically designed for more professional — and gaming-oriented — clips, then your best bet is to download one of the apps below.

This guide provides detailed step-by-step instructions for screen recording on various platforms, including native tools and third-party solutions. Whether you’re a casual user or need more advanced features for professional work, there’s something here for everyone.

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