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This is the best way to stay focused while working on your Windows computer. By using the Windows Phone Link app, which is free by the way, you can achieve this. Phone Link seamlessly connects your phone to your Windows computer.

So you can do everything from your desktop without actually touching your phone. You can place and receive phone calls, send text messages, view your notifications from both your iPhone and your Android devices.

If you have an Android device, you can actually do more. You can also access your photos, your videos easily, and even cast some of your favorite apps to your desktop using the inbuilt app simulator.

But for the iPhone, well, it’s a bit different. Now you can’t cast any of your apps to your desktop and you can only access your photos and videos using the iCloud photo app in the Microsoft store. It’s all free by the way.

Given the fact that this actually unlocks a new way to sync your files between your phone and your windows computer. That’s it. It’s time to get back to work.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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