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You know that moment when you want to show somebody something on your phone? You give them your phone and say, hey, look at this thing on Instagram.

And if you’re not paying attention, from there they might go to your gallery and take a picture or they might go to your contact and steal something or they’ll start going through your personal stuff in your phone?

Or sometimes your kid is crying, you give them your phone and say, watch Cuckoo Melon. And from watching Cuckoo Melon, they’ll start pressing the phone and doing other things?

Here’s how to avoid all that from happening. First of all, you’re going to

— Go to the settings of your phone

— ton the search bar, search for app pinning. It’s going to appear here,

— Tap on it, and then make sure you enable it.

So now let’s assume that you want to show somebody something on Instagram, here’s what you do.

— You open Instagram, then minimize it 

–Up here, tap on this place, and you’re going to see pin.

— Tap on Pin, and it’s going to show you that this app will be pinned, then give you instruction on how to exit,

— And you’re just going to say okay.

And that way, the person will not be able to leave Instagram anymore.

And so let’s assume that the person knows this trick and the person decides to exit it by pressing the return key and the minimize button together. Your phone will automatically lock and it will ask for your password or your fingerprint before it will be unlocked.

So this way you can give your phone freely to anybody, your kids or your friends to look at whatever they want to look at. You’re welcome.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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