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What are the differences between mobile application and web application? I know some of you don’t know the difference, meanwhile some of you have never heard of web application before. But let’s get into it.

Mobile app is developed specifically for iOS or Android. Kotlin or Java for Android, Swift or Objective-C for iOS. Meanwhile, web application is developed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and it can run on multiple devices such as your phone, your tablet, your laptop or your desktop.

2. Web apps do not require installation through App Store. Meanwhile, mobile apps are required to be distributed through App Stores.

3. Mobile apps can be designed to work offline, allowing the user to access certain features without internet. But web apps require internet connection to function because they are accessed through web browsers.

4: The last but not the least, you know those cases whereby you’re using your WhatsApp, they actually go to the app store to go and update? Yes, web apps do not do like that.
They are easy to maintain, they are changes and updates are easily made at the server side without requiring the users to go and update or install.

On the other hand, Mobile apps are harder to maintain because iOS and Android have their own separate languages and the updates need to be installed by the user.

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