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Twitter Monetization Is the new thing in town. Nigerians are cashing out big on Twitter now.  If you also love tweeting and engaging on the Bird App, this is a big opportunity for you to make money online.


1. You’ll have to subscribe to X Premium (Twitter Blue).

2. Click on Monetization to check your eligibility

3. To be eligible; you should be verified, have at least 15million impressions on your post within three (3) months, have more than 500 followers

4. Setup your Stripe account.

How To Subscribe For X Premium (Twitter Blue)

—Steps on how to get you subscribe;

1. Update your Twitter App to the latest version on Apple Store/Google Store

2. If you’re in Nigeria your ATM Card can’t work with it (get a virtual dollar card)

3. To download virtual dollar card; Goto Apple Store/Google Store—Download Chipper Cash or Payday

4. Fill in your data, after some hours when your card is ready.

5. Apply for the Virtual Dollar Card

6. Copy and Paste your card infos to your phone’s payment method

7. Open your Updated Twitter App & click on “Blue”.

8. You can either subscribe for monthly/yearly.

I would advise you do yearly especially now that the demand for X Premium (Twitter Blue) is high, just in case the pay changes in subsequent months to come.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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