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Hi guys, do you know you can create your own WhatsApp link? WhatsApp link is different from group WhatsApp link. I am not talking about group here o. I’m talking about your own personal WhatsApp link.

If you paste it anywhere, they can click on it, then they will come directly to your own personal chat. That is your number link. So I want to show you today how to create your own personal link apart from WhatsApp group link so that they can talk to you personally.

This Is mostly useful for business people. It’s for business. You should have your own personal link for your own personal WhatsApp. Once people click it, from Instagram, on Facebook, on YouTube, they will come and talk to you directly.

— Click on your Profile

— Below on this side, you’ll type this thing now. So type this thing; Https:/wa.me/Your WhatsApp Number

— You send it.

— After sending it, you have to copy this link now. This link that you could generate, you copied it.

–Then you hand over to your browser. Paste the Link

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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