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I spoke about how remote apps do not pay you into your Nigerian bank app and how you can go about bypassing the Nigerian bank app process. So in this article, as I promised I’ll be revealing how you can create a PayPal account with just your smartphone.

You can either use your Computer or select Desktop Site on your Chrome Browser.

If you are you are a digital marketer, if you are into e-commerce, if you buy on AliExpress, if you do anything that has to do with buying, selling, having to deal with people that are not in Nigeria, this article is for you.

Now instead of going to PayPal.com, the usual means of opening a PayPal account, you can simply go to www.paypal.com/UAE

That means you are logging in or signing in from UAE. Now what you want to do here is myself have a PayPal account before so for this video you can just go to sign up on PayPal.

Yeah, you are there. So PayPal has two types of accounts for you to sign up. The first one is a personal account, which is shopping in country and around the world from your computer or your mobile or without sharing your financial info with the sellers.

But then the second one says accept payments and send invoices to your customers. This Is easier and more secure to sell to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

So for the sake of other purposes, I would advise you to open a business account. So you got to click in on a business account, continue. So PayPal automatically redirects you to a page to sign up for a business account.

Enter your email address,
So here you’ll be told to enter a password for yourself, for your PayPal account. And then here they will tell you to tell us about your business.

PayPal require your business. And here, here you can just use your first name, here you can use your last name, and here you can use your legal business name.

You don’t have UAE phone number. And what you can do is just simply select Nigeria here. There is option for Nigeria here.

Add your number, your business address. And then you are there. Your primary currency, you want to leave it at the dollar and you can agree everything by clicking this. 
Agree to use our agreement on privacy statement here.

Are you proceed to the next page for Address?
And then mind you, while setting this up? You want to use this Emirates. So you can add Dubai, you can add Ajman, Abu Dhabi, but then here in your city, you can simply add Lagos.

I think that’s all you need. You can just add Lagos. Oh, you need the PO box address You can add Lagos This emirate you can add Abu Dhabi Probably if you like it like that and the PO box you can add it and agree and continue.

You’re successful with the last step I showed you you’ll be related to a place where you’ll be told to describe your business You can just add anything you do and then you have successfully created a PayPal account. This is what it will show.

Then I have verified the mail for this PayPal account already. But if you have not, there will be a kind of a clickable button here above this notification where you’ll be told to verify your mail. So you don’t have to panic.

All you have to do is tap the button, input your mail, go two or one mail from PayPal, you have to click the link in the mail and you’ll be redirected to a page where you have to verify the mail. And that’s all with the verification of the mail.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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