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There are recent allegations about some artistes claiming that they have fake Spotify streams and Audiomack Listeners. If this allegation is true, It simply means that the artistes are buying fake streams and listeners

Hackers are actually involved in this type of fraud. The Hackers will be In the possession of a warehouse. They can buy close to 1,000 Smartphones from the market. These smartphones will be able to handle Spotify, Audiomack and other music streaming platforms.

They also create more than 1,000 Spotify accounts Inside the Smartphones. They then control all the Smartphones with their laptop.

Thereafter, artistes can now pay the hackers and tell them the number of Spotify streams they want.

The Hackers through a Command on their laptop direct the Smartphones to stream the song of the particular Artiste who paid them for a long period of time. At the end, Spotify or Audiomack will report that the artistes are having lots of steams and listeners.

If this Information is actually legit, It’s a huge setback and disgrace for the Music Industry

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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