Eazipay Powers Up 150,000+ Businesses With Free Interest Loan – How You Can Apply

The new fund aims to spark change, encourage growth, and open up new opportunities for economic empowerment. It’s not just about giving money—it’s about helping small businesses and workers who are struggling. Through Eazipay’s program, eligible businesses and employees can get help in various ways:

1. Grants: Money to cover important business expenses and day-to-day costs.
2. Microloans: Small loans with very low interest rates to help businesses grow.
3. Cashback Rewards: Discounts and rewards for using certain services, saving businesses money.
4. Vouchers: Help with transportation, lunch, and dry cleaning expenses.
5. Rent Assistance: Support with paying rent to ease financial pressure on businesses and workers.

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Eazipay also offers technology solutions for managing employees and operations, such as payroll, IT management, and compliance payments. In 2022, the company was chosen to be part of the Y Combinator program, a prestigious tech incubator in Silicon Valley. For more information or to apply for assistance, visit www.myeazipay.com

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