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Do not believe everything you see on the Internet. It Is possible to fake a WhatsApp Conversation and make outrageous claims. This may generate an outrage even when the entire conversation was cloned.

With a website called FakeDetail.com, WhatsApp Chats, Instagram DMs, Twitter Conversations, Hangouts or even Facebook Messengers can be faked.

For example, This is simply done by;

— Going to Social Media Menu

— Click on WhatsApp

— Click on WhatsApp Chat

— Select the type of Phone the receiver uses

— Get a Photo of the recipient on the Internet or social media

— Upload It

— Edit everything you want Inside the Chat

— Generate the Conversation

This can be done for all social media platforms that people chat on. It’s also free and easy to use.

Be very careful when next you see someone dragging another person on social media based on leaked chats. Take your time to do more findings before you believe and act on it.

Disclaimer: This Is For Educational Purposes Only

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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