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Based on popular demands, here are six free tech certifications for tech beginners. They are all high income skills. Hello!

Note that there are a lot of free tech certifications, but these are the most popular.

1: Google IT Professional Certification.

It’s a six-month course, and it covers all things, IT and networking.

2: AWS Certified Practitioner.

It is a certification hosted by AWS and it tests your understanding of cloud computing.

3: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.

This also tests your understanding on cloud computing, pricing, Azure.

4: Cisco Networking Academy.

It is hosted by Cisco. This program offers free online classes on cyber security, cloud computing, and Internet of Things.

5: HubSpot Academy Certification.

This is hosted by HubSpot, and it offers free online courses and classes on digital marketing, inbound marketing, and sales.

6: Facebook Blueprints.

This is a program offered by Facebook that covers advertising on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger.

These are just few examples of many free tech certifications available. It is very important to note that while some of these certifications may be free, exams and acquiring credentials may incur added costs or extra money or extra fees.

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