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Looking for an affordable satellite TV provider in Nigeria with a wide array of content, including football and entertainment? Look no further than SLTV. In this guide, you’ll discover everything you need to know about SLTV, including its channel list, decoder price, subscription fees, and more.

SLTV Channel List

Operated by Metro Digital Limited, SLTV offers over 50 high-definition channels, catering to various interests. From news and documentaries to movies and kids’ shows, SLTV ensures there’s something for everyone. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy live matches from major leagues like the English Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, and more.

1. SS blitz

2. SS Variety 1

3. SS Variety 2

4. SS Action

5. SS Variety 3

6. SS Football

7. SS La Liga

8. ESPN 2

9. SS premier

10. SS Variety 4

11. SS WW

12. ESPN

13. Food Network

14. Discovery

15. Nat. geo

16. Nat. Geo wild

17. Disc. Family

18. Disney

19. Nick

20. CBS justice

21. E!

22. ID

23. CNN

24. Aljazeera

25. Disney Jr

26. Nick Jr

27. Cartoon

28. Boomerang

29. Jim Jam

30. PBS Kids

31. Zee World

32. MTV Base

33. Trace Africa

34. Trace urban

35. TNT

36. History

37. TBN

38. Daystar

39. EWTN

40. Real Time

41. Nollybox

42. Nollybox Epic

43. Arise

44. TVC

45. AIT

46. SS football plus

47. Film Box

48. Film Box Action

49. Telemundo

50. AN Yoruba

51. AN Hausa me now

52. AN Urban

53. AN Igbo

54. AN Epic

The above are some of the channels offered by SLTV.

SLTV Decoder channel list 262x300 1

SLTV Decoder Price

For just 21,500 Naira, you can get an SLTV decoder bundled with one month’s subscription, making setup hassle-free and providing immediate access to SLTV’s premium content. The dish is sold separately for an additional cost of NGN 5,500.

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SLTV Subscription Prices

SLTV offers two subscription packages: Basic and Gold. The Basic plan, priced at 2,500 Naira monthly, offers a diverse range of channels and features. On the other hand, the Gold plan, priced at 5,000 Naira per month, provides an even broader selection of premium content and perks.

Both subscription options include features such as movies, TV shows, free updates, HD & SD channels, premium channels, a TV Guide (EPG) for easy browsing, and 24/7 customer support. With SLTV, subscribers can enjoy exceptional entertainment experiences without breaking the bank.

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SLTV Frequency and Symbol Rate:

To track SLTV, use the following parameters:

  1. Frequency: 10973 H 25000
  2. Position: 51° East

Whether you’re a sports fanatic, movie buff, or looking for family-friendly content, SLTV promises to deliver top-notch entertainment at an affordable price. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your viewing experience with SLTV.


SLTV is revolutionizing home entertainment in Nigeria with its extensive channel lineup, affordable pricing, and commitment to customer satisfaction. With SLTV, you can enjoy premium content without breaking the bank. Upgrade to SLTV today and experience entertainment like never before.

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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about SLTV:

1. What is SLTV?

– SLTV is a satellite TV provider in Nigeria operated by Metro Digital Limited. It offers a wide range of entertainment content, including sports, movies, news, and kids’ shows.

2. What channels are available on SLTV?

– SLTV features over 50 high-definition channels, including sports channels like SS Football and ESPN, entertainment channels like Nat. Geo and Disney, news channels like CNN and Aljazeera, and many more.

3. How much does an SLTV decoder cost?

– The SLTV decoder is priced at 21,500 Naira, which includes one month’s subscription. Additionally, the dish is sold separately for an extra cost of NGN 5,500.

4. What subscription packages does SLTV offer?

– SLTV offers two subscription packages: Basic and Gold. The Basic plan costs 2,500 Naira per month, while the Gold plan costs 5,000 Naira per month. Each package offers a variety of channels and features.

5. Can I track SLTV channels?

– Yes, you can track SLTV using the following parameters: Frequency – 10973 H 25000, Position – 51° East.

6. What types of content are available on SLTV?

– SLTV provides a diverse range of content, including sports, movies, documentaries, kids’ shows, news, lifestyle, and more.

7. Is there customer support available for SLTV subscribers?

– Yes, SLTV offers 24/7 customer support to assist subscribers with any inquiries or issues they may have.

8. Can I upgrade or downgrade my SLTV subscription plan?

– Yes, subscribers have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade their subscription plans based on their preferences and needs.

9. Are there any additional fees associated with SLTV subscriptions?

– Apart from the subscription fees, there are no hidden charges.

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