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I get problems with skillful people, I have problems with talented people. You will see somebody who is able to sing, able to dance, able to do comedy. They are mostly shy to get In front of a Camera. They repeatedly look at themselves and say that they’re not good enough

On the flip side, Now go to the twerkers and learn. When they want to twerk, they go twerk, they go ignore papa, ignore mama. Ignore anything that relates to them. They go twerk, purposefully.

Put on social media. Then we have you that can sing, that can dance. But you are still there, you are in your shell. I’m obviously not good, not good, 

You never watch Nigeria Idol? Na that kind of boldness you need. Nigeria Idol kind of boldness. Where somebody will never will pull out things before in their life.

Na that kind of boldness you need. I’ll tell you what I’ll tell you. Creative, you put your page for Private? Dey play.

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