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Deleting threads automatically deletes your Instagram account. Well that’s information going around. But that’s not quite correct. Let me explain.

Threads is basically an Instagram app. It is based off Instagram. It actually uses your Instagram data.

You might have already noticed your Threads username is the same as your IG’s and you cannot change it.

Now you can choose to delete or uninstall threads from your phone and it won’t affect your Instagram account.

You can also deactivate your Threads account if you feel like you no longer need to use this. It doesn’t affect your Instagram account

But if you feel like you want to use it later on, you can come back to reactivate it. Now what you cannot do is completely delete your threads profile.

Since it’s using data from Instagram, you will actually need to delete your Instagram account to be able to get rid of your threads profile and all of its data.

Instagram might separate it later so you are able to do that but personally I don’t see that as a problem.

I mean if it’s your data you’re worried about, you’re pretty much already using Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, they already have your data.

Also I don’t think most people delete their accounts to that extent. When they are no longer interested in an app, they just deactivate and uninstall from their phone.

I mean some of you still have your 2go account and you can probably still access it because you did not completely delete your data.
I may be wrong though but what do you guys think?

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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