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Life Lessons Vs Business Lessons!

A guy narrated the story of how Dangote was asked to give advice to Youths during a Programme. According to the TikToker, the only thing Dangote told them Is that Youths should always remain humble.

The Narrator however said that Advice Dangote gave at the event Is a Life Admonition and not a Business Advice. After a careful consideration of his argument, I must say that I share his sentiment on the subject matter.

Humility Is undoubtedly an admirable trait. One who Is humble will always get opportunities. Arrogance Is distasteful when you relate with people In an official or unofficial setting.

A Life Lesson you should not joke with Is Humility. Life has a way of humbling people. No matter what you think you know or possess, there are probably thousands and millions of people who has more. An arrogant person unconsciously chase helpers away from himself.

Conversely, Humility Is not an attribute of successful Businesses and entrepreneurs. If you want to remain humble In the way you promote yourself to the world, you may not go far or grow fast.

What Is the essence of Marketing, Packaging, Branding, Promotions, Publicity and Advertising In Business? Is it to stay humble? I really don’t think so. How do you make sales and persuade Customers to patronize you If you want to stay humble.

In Business, you must be your biggest cheerleader. If you don’t tweet your horns, no one will do It for you. You must take glory for what you do while you appreciate those that are Instrumental to your success.

I am not referring to unethical business practices here. Being proud of your successes and achievements Is something worthwhile as a Business. This will show prospective clients that you’re competent and capable of handling their request.

The whole point of testimonials, Reviews and Proof of Concept Is to dazzle new customers and show them that you’re a Master of the Game. Be loud about your Business and let people know what you can do.

Based on this premise, Is It safe to say that not all Life Advice can be applied to Business and vice versa 🤔

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