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It’s very easy to steal someone’s phone nowadays and you have no idea how to track It when your phone has been stolen. Here’s one way that might help you.

Go to Google Store and download an App named Google Find My Device

Once the App has been downloaded, Open it and sign in to your Google Account.

Once that’s done, It’ll show you all the Devices that have been signed into that Google Account and It’ll show you their Location.

Now, If your phone has been stolen, all you need to do is to quickly get someone else’s phone or a Computer and go to the Google Find My Device Website.

Log into your Google Account and It’ll show you all your devices and their location.

From there, you can play a Sound to locate the Device, type out a message on the screen of the device or if you have sensitive Data on it, you can erase it.

This only works If your phone is online. Therefore, make sure you do this Immediately you notice your phone is no longer with you.

This Process is quite a bit safer on Samsung Devices. Watch the next video for that.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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