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Today, I am going to share with you one application that you must have on your phone whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone. Everybody, male or female, needs to have this application on their phone.

The name of the application on the App store is called iAntiTeft, and on your Android phone It’s called Don’t Touch My Phone. The idea is simple. It’s a motion sensor application that basically sets off an alarm when anybody tries to touch your phone.

If you’re somebody who people are constantly picking up your phone and turning on or your siblings are always using your phone to play games and kill your battery Or even If you’re a cheating girlfriend or boyfriend and you don’t want your partner to pick up your phone and go through your phone while you’re sleeping, you definitely need this application.

You see because once you set it up, if anybody at all picks up your phone or moves it a little bit, a ridiculously loud alarm is going to go off and everybody is going to know something is wrong.

So this can be useful In so many different ways for so many different people especially for preventing your phone from getting stolen.

The only complaint I have about the Android version of this application is that you can’t press two things without an advertisement going off. It’s ridiculous.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

Share this content with your guy friend or girlfriend who is cheating on their partner so that they can protect themselves. You’re welcome.

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