Messaging apps like WhatsApp and Instagram have incorporated features allowing users to delete messages after sending them. While this is beneficial for correcting mistakes or rethinking shared content, it can leave recipients curious about what was initially sent. For those eager to uncover these deleted messages, two primary methods can help: using Notification History on Android and the WAMR app.

Using Notification History

Notification History is a built-in feature on Android that records all notifications received, even those dismissed. This feature can also capture deleted messages from apps like WhatsApp and Instagram.


Steps to Enable Notification History:

1. Open Settings: Access the settings menu on your Android device.

2. Navigate to Notifications: Find the ‘Notifications’ option in the settings menu.

3. Activate Notification History: Look for ‘Notification History’ and toggle it on.

Once enabled, any message that gets deleted will appear in the Notification History tab. However, it’s important to note that messages are only stored for 24 hours before being permanently deleted.

Using WAMR

WAMR is an app available on the Google Play Store designed to recover deleted messages from various messaging platforms. Unlike Notification History, WAMR stores deleted messages indefinitely, providing a more comprehensive solution.

Steps to Use WAMR:

1. Download WAMR: Install WAMR from the Google Play Store.

2. Grant Permissions: Open the app and grant the necessary permissions, including notification access.

3. Select Apps: Choose the apps for which you want to save logs (e.g., WhatsApp, Instagram).

4. View Deleted Messages: After setup, deleted messages will appear in WAMR’s interface.

While WAMR is highly effective, granting it notification access allows the app to read all notifications, including personal information. Although WAMR is considered safe based on numerous positive reviews, users should still exercise caution.

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Recovering deleted messages on WhatsApp and Instagram can be done effectively using either Notification History or WAMR. Notification History is a simple and built-in feature of Android but has a 24-hour limitation. WAMR, on the other hand, provides a more robust solution by permanently storing deleted messages, although it requires granting extensive permissions.

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