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Okay, this is how you can prevent your social media accounts from getting hacked. First, nowadays most of the social media accounts are usually hacked by what you call phishing.

Phishing is when the hacker sends you a malicious link, then he uses what you call social engineering to make you click the link. And once you click the link, you’re going to be directed to a fake login page like this one of Instagram.

Then you without having a second thought, you enter your credentials and boom, You’re going to be directed to Instagram. But on the other side, the hacker is going to get your IP address together with your credentials.

And many people have fallen for these, especially on Facebook. When they want to watch those bad-bad stuffs, you know what I mean. So if you want to identify if a link is malicious, just

— Go to Virustotal.com,

— Click on URL,

— Enter that link here and click enter.

And now you can see if the link is malicious or not.

By this, you can prevent yourself from getting hacked.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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