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How to Open a Moniepoint Account: Step-by-Step Guide. Perhaps you’ve been searching for how you can open account in one of the most renowned digital banking platforms, here’s a full guide on how you can achieve that. Let’s get started.

Opening a Moniepoint personal account is hasslefree, with easily accessible requirements. Follow the stepbystep instructions in this comprehensive guide to get started with the platform right away.

Requirements for Opening a Moniepoint Account:

1. Valid Phone Number: Essential for your account and serves as your account number.

 2. Mobile Phone: Needed to register for a Moniepoint personal account.

Stable Internet Connection: Required to download the Moniepoint app.

3. The Moniepoint App: Available for download from the Apple Store or Google Play store.

4. Means of Identification: Valid national ID card, driver’s license, or international passport.

5. Bank Verification Number (BVN): Necessary for account verification.

6. Personal Data: Full name, birthdate, and email address must be provided during registration.

How to Open a Moniepoint Account

1. Download the Moniepoint App:

  •     Open Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Search for the Moniepoint app and install it.

2. Provide Personal Information:

  •     Enter your name, contact details, and a strong password.

3. Verify Your Account:

Receive a verification code via SMS and input it to complete verification.

4. Set Up Your Wallet:

Create a PIN for transaction authorization.

5. Fund Your Account:

Connect your bank account or use a debit card to make a deposit.

6. Start Using Your Account:

Begin making financial transactions with your fully functional Moniepoint account.

Tips to Ensure Your ID Verification is Successful:

  •  Capture a clear picture of your face.
  •  Use clear images of the requested documents.
  •  Ensure all edges of the paper are captured if using the live capture document verification feature.


How to Make Payments on the Moniepoint App

Just registering is not enough, you also need to know how to send, receive and transact on Moniepoint.

1. Log into your account via the Moniepoint app.

2. Select “Payments” from the bottom menu.

3. Choose your preferred payment option.

4. Enter recipient details (for transfers) and payment amount.

5. Verify payment information.

6. Confirm payment with your standard 4digit PIN.

Benefits of Opening a Moniepoint Personal Account

1. Easy Banking: Conduct financial transactions conveniently on your mobile smartphone.

2. Fast and Reliable: Process transactions rapidly, completing transactions in seconds.

 4. Affordable Charges: Enjoy modest transaction fees, making it a cost effective financial platform.

5. Vast Range of Services: Utilize Moniepoint for various services including money transfers, utility payments, and airtime purchases.

6. Highly Secured: Benefit from multiple layers of security to protect your transactions and personal information.

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Tips for Using Your Moniepoint Personal Account:

  •  Use Strong and Unique Passwords.
  •  Use a Secure Wireless Network.
  •  Beware of Email Phishing.
  •  Monitor Your Account Statements.
  •  Regularly Update Software.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Open Moniepoint Personal Account

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 How long does it take to start using the account after verification?

After verification you’re allowed to start making transactions immediately, all you have to do is to fund your wallet or share your account number with others to receive payment from them.

 What do I need to open a Moniepoint personal account?

Just your phone number, a working email address and a recognized Government ID as a means of proper identification.

 Can I open a Moniepoint account from the web?

Sure, you can visit their website to get started

You’re all set. Open your Moniepoint Personal account today and experience seamless digital transactions at their finest.

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