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I know you know how to add text like this. Can you play with your stickers? And can I even do this with pictures? So, let’s go into Capcut.

At the point where I started pointing,

— I hit text,

— Add text,

— Type my desired text,

— Then drag the text to where I was pointing at.

— I added a keyframe at the beginning of the text, and under keyframe, at the point where I was about to point up,

— I scrolled forward
and dragged the text to the location I was pointing at.

— I kept on dragging the text to each location I was pointing at and at each drag, a keyframe automatically appeared.

— I Scrolled forward to the part I wanted the sticker to appear, clicked on sticker,

— I selected my desired sticker and clicked on checkmark.

— I resized and dragged the sticker to fit my hand,

— Then I selected tracking. I then logged on the tracker to my hand and selected start tracking.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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