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Today, I’m gonna share with you guys how you 10,000 Naira daily working from home with your mobile phone from this five websites.

1: The very first one here is called sidegig.com. It give tasks to million of Nigerians and It gives you get users to engage with your content of your comments share like increase your fan base and you know You make money right? This is actually one of those websites that can really end you up to 10,000 Naira daily

All you basically need to do is actually sign up and once you sign up you start freelancing on the website You can actually start taking up on a couple of tasks that they have on this particular platform

2: Wokka right here as you can see on my screen is also a very similar Website to the first one. This is where you can actually take small gigs and get big results but the thing here is actually the fact that they have over 208k tasks that has been completed and It is also a website for business owners and freelancers.

It is either you’re doing any of the two as a business owner You are able to post you know as several tasks get people to sign up on your website, get people to actually like your video on YouTube, get people to watch your content, get people to listen to your music or you are the freelancer taking up on all of this task on this website.

You can basically get jobs from home and you can basically earn money from all this particular space Okay.

3: Now the next one I actually have for you guys right now even though
website makes a lot of humongous claims. It makes a lot of big claims but then I’m not really sure that they actually live up to their name but I know that I actually got this recommendation from somebody who has currently used this website and I felt the need to also share it

4: The next website I have right here is owoodaily.com and Owoodaily. They have series of micro jobs Influencers to village discussions to several deals that you can promote You can actually make a whole lot more money from Owoodaily because this particular platform is more active and they have a lot of job and tasks coming in and going out every other day.

You can actually become an affiliate, sell deals here and make as much as 30 to 50k from each of the deals that you are actually selling Depending on which is available on this particular space.

5:  We have the next one here Which is the freebiz.com and it says here earn 10,000 plus daily on social media Jobs.

So this particular website also gives you a series of social media jobs and you can see that several payouts and withdrawal here

These are websites that I’ve actually tried out and I’ve been able to earn a couple of bucks here.

Watch the video below 👇

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