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Here’s how you’re going to learn coding in a month.

— First, use Codecademy, Coursera, and YouTube to learn the basics of your chosen coding language.

— Second, practice by dissecting the code you like. Find it on GitHub and try to understand how it works.

— Use Code Easy Chat as your teacher. Ask it to explain parts you don’t understand. Why, where, and how else could it be used?

— Third, use project-based learning. Find tutorials and projects on GitHub or our page. Continue using Code Easy Chat as your personal teacher. It will save time searching and will explain own code.

— Fourth, join communities to get help solving errors and debugging. Or alternatively, use CodeEasy debug feature to get an explanation to your mistakes.

— Fifth, remember that you’re a human. Take proper rest. Create a study plan to avoid burnout. Keep using tools to your advantage.

One month won’t make you a professional, but following this will set you further than doing it by yourself.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below 👇

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