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Someone asked me how I will Invest 100,000 Naira in this economy. So let me tell you how I will do that in 5 simple steps. Remember, this is not financial advice.

1. I will remove 25,000 Naira and put it in a low-risk savings account that offers me 10% interest per annum with either Piggyvest or Carrierwise.

2. I will remove 25,000 Naira again and put it in medium-risk individual stocks like MTN or Dangote. You can do this on Afrinvest or Trove.

3. I will put in 30,000 Naira in a low-risk US ETF, either the S&P 500, that’s evil, or the Vanguard. I will do this using Bamboo.

4: I will put in 10,000 Naira in high-risk assets, such as crypto, example, Bitcoin, Solana, Ethereum.

5: I will take out 10,000 Naira, go to my favorite restaurant and buy food and eat. Remember, you have to eat first before you can invest. At least let me use that money to spoil myself.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

Remember to take a portion of your income monthly and put it in these five categories They are very important So it grows over time and do not touch the earnings for at least one year and your result would amaze you If you have any questions queries or comments, tell me in the comments.

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