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I’ll Inform you today how Yahoo Boys go to the Supermarket, buy goods that cost a fortune, cart away all the Items and pay with fake transfers. This trick Is also used to scam POS Vendors.

This Is more weird because the seller will actually receive a credit alert on their phone when the transfer Is done. However, the money will be nowhere to be found at the end of the day.

It Is done by an Application called Pro Bank. It Is available on the Dark Web. This cannot be downloaded from App Store or Apple Store.

Once the fraudster entered the Information of thee person they want to make the transfer to, the person will receive an alert Immediately.

What baffles me I that the App Is able to pull up Information about what the person’s current account balance was, then add whatever fake credit balance they sent to It. Everything looks legit.

Except for one thing, there’ll be Pro Bank In the description of the Transfer. Unfortunately, most people don’t read the description of their Credit Alerts.

Some Smart Fraudsters have already made an Iteration of this Description. So, this may no longer show In the description.

So, how do you really detect a Fake Bank Transfer If It doesn’t have this description?

Here Is what you should do?

Anytime, you receive a credit transfer, Sign Into your Bank’s Mobile Application to confirm the Payment. Always do this before the buyer leave your Store.

Share this Information with your family, friends and loved ones so that they don’t also fall victim of Fake Bank Transfers

Watch The Video Tutorial Below 👇

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