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As security concerns are rising about the authenticity of online banking, it’s really important to keep your money and personal details safe. Fidelity Bank has a special security feature called a token code that helps with this. If you want to make one in 2024, here’s how:

How to Generate Fidelity Bank Token in 2024

Using Fidelity Bank’s Website:

1. Log In:

• Go to Fidelity Bank’s website and log in with your username and password.

2. Find Token Section:

• Look for where it says “Token Services” or something similar.

3. Choose Token Type:

• Pick what kind of token you want.

4. Put in Transaction Info:

• Type in the details of your transaction, like who you’re sending money to and how much.

5. Get Your Token Code:

• Click to generate the code, and it will pop up on your screen.

6. Use the Code:

• Use the code to finish your transaction safely.

Using Fidelity Bank’s Mobile App:

1. Open the App:

• Open the Fidelity Bank app on your phone.

2. Log In:

• Log in with your username and password or use your fingerprint.

3. Find Token Option:

• Look around in the app for where it says “Token Generation” or something like that.

4. Pick Token Type:

• Choose the type of token you want.

5. Enter Transaction Details:

• Put in the info for your transaction.

6. Get Your Token Code:

• Tap to make the code, and it will show up on your screen.

7. Use the Code:

• Use the code to finish what you’re doing.

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Final Thoughts

Keep your token code secret and don’t tell it to anyone else. It’s a way to keep your online banking safe.

Following these steps, you can easily make a Fidelity Bank token code in 2024 and keep your online transactions secure. If you need help, you can always ask Fidelity Bank’s customer support.

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