How to Check Your Glo Number - 7 Ways You Can Do it

How to Check Your Glo Number – 7 Ways You Can Do it

How to Check Your Glo Number - 7 Ways You Can Do it

Forgetting your phone number is a common issue, but fear not! Here are various methods to check your Glo number stress free:

  1. Call a Friend:

    Use your new Glo SIM to call someone close to you and check your phone number on their screen.

  1. USSD Code:

    Dial 1358# and press send.

    Your 11digit Glo mobile number will be displayed on your screen, and you’ll also receive an SMS.

  1. Via SMS:

    Open your messaging app and compose a new text message.

    Type “info” (without quotes) in the message body and send it to 124.

    You’ll receive a response from Glo containing essential account information, including your phone number.

  1. Customer Care:

    Contact Glo customer care for assistance in retrieving your phone number.

  1. SIM Pack:

    Check the back of your SIM pack for your Glo phone number.

  1. Mobile App:

    Download and install the Glo Cafe app from Google Play or Apple App Store.

    Activate the app and log in.

    Your phone number will be displayed under your profile.

Quick USSD Code Method (For Smartphone Users):

  1. Unlock your mobile phone.
  2. Dial 1358# and press call or send.
  3. Wait for a few seconds for Glo’s response, displaying your phone number on your screen.

Save Your Number:

After retrieving your phone number, remember to save it in your contacts or write it down for future reference.

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Checking your Glo phone number in Nigeria is a simple process thanks to USSD codes, text messages, and other methods provided by Glo. By following these steps, you’ll always have your phone number at your fingertips for seamless communication.

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