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Branding Is an Integral part of every successful Business. People are already used to old things. If you really want the fame and visibility for your Profession or Business, you need to be unique and to stand out from the rest.

Since social media Is a powerful force to create public awareness, knowing how to brand yourself properly on social media to gain popularity Is an Indispensable skill to learn In the 21st century.

If It Is just to gain fame or popularity on Facebook, there are several ways to achieve that. However, most of these do not last and can’t stand the test of time. However, Branding has proven to be a time-tested pragmatic method of gaining popularity and staying relevant on social media.

Before I delve Into the ways you can surreptitiously build a Brand for yourself on Facebook and other social media platforms, I would like to explore the common ways of gaining popularity which are not sustainable.

(1) Keying Into Trends with relevant Contents and Hashtags

This is very common with people on Twitter. They just look for trending hashtags and put it on their Posts to sell their products or gain more followers.

On Facebook and Instagram, you’ll see people dropping comments on Posts with huge engagements begging for followers and advertising their products to people.

Some people can even make Facebook posts talking about stuffs that are trending on social media. Then they try to lure readers into following their Pages.

While this method works, It’s time sensitive. Once the particular matter stop trending, their visibility and propensity to go viral also stops. People will stop commenting on their Posts and their engagements drop.

They may need to repeat the same method again on the new trend. The same cycle repeats Itself when another trend overshadows the one they’re milking. Before long, people will see through them that they’re simply chasing clouts on social media.

Once this happen, people will no longer give their Pages attention even when they write and speak on trending matters. They’ll be tagged attention seekers and clout chasers.

(2) Ads

Running Facebook Ads, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp Ads Is a legit way to drive traffic on Facebook. It is also a method that works. When you run Ads, you allow the social media platform to promote your content to targeted audience who are actually Interested In what you’re doing.

However, this is limiting In so many ways. It requires money to run Ads. To run Ads that really convert well for your Business, you need the technical expertise on running Facebook and Instagram Ads. If you do not know much about this, you may have to pay someone for it, hereby Increasing your overhead costs.

What happens when you have no money to run Ads again 🤔 You’ll no longer get the visibility and engagements you desire. This method is not good for someone who has no extra money to run Ads.

(3) Notoriety

To become popular on social media, some people go extra mile to leave their home training in the trash bins and start displaying negativities and shamelessness on social media.

While Immoralities and gutter behaviours are reprehensible, they actually get lots of engagements on social media. Many have become something else all because they need massive followerships and engagements on social media.

The number of Twerkers on TikTok and Instagram keeps increasing everyday. Same goes for people who are deliberately offensive, post Fake News, use savage retorts or resort to errant and senseless display of madness on social media.

This is why we have so many Slay Queens with fake lives on social media. Most ladies dress provocatively on social media to gain attention while the guys engage in all sort of embarrassing/hilarious contents.

Notoriety Is never a way to build a lasting fame on social media. Apart from the fact that It Is time-bound, It can get the clout chasers Into a lot of trouble.

A lady was recently arrested by Actress Eniola Badmus for defamation of character. She’s been charged to Court as well. This happened because she wanted to use the name of the actress to trend on social media.

Apart from that, being notorious Is not something good. You’ll become wayward and reckless all because of Facebook popularity. At the end of the day, you won’t be known for something good and laudable, your image will be tarnished and this will also affect everyone close to you.

Furthermore, Notoriety attracts the wrong people to you. Only those who are shameless, negative and spiteful will be attracted to your Page. At the end of the Day, you won’t be able to achieve your goals.

4: Influencers

You can use bloggers, celebrities and Influencers to promote your Pages, products and services on social media. This is also a good way to become famous on social media.

However, It also cost Money to do this. It’s also limiting In other aspects too. If you don’t have the know-how of how things work, It may not work for you If you don’t choose the right Influencers.

If you don’t have enough money to pay Promoters, don’t even think about this. If you know you cannot sustain the tempo, “your audience” will only remain loyal to the Influencer or Celebrity who brought them in.

5: Spam

Some people have a readymade content used to lure and persuade people to follow their Pages or patronize their Business. Then, they start posting the same thing on all Facebook groups, and every Posts on News Feeds. Some people will even annoyingly enter People’s DMs to spam their Inbox.

Apart from being an offensive behaviour, It’s also not a smart way to build popularity and gain followers on social media. It’s strenuous, stressful and mentally exhausting as well.

Most people detest spammers. They block spammers Instantly. Spamming Is also against Facebook Community guidelines. Several sanctions, bans and restrictions are placed on the account of spammers. They may even lose their Page.

Most times, It doesn’t work actually. People are wiser now.

6: Impersonation

People create fake Pages and parody accounts of popular celebrities or events on social media. It’s not so surprising that a lot of pages will be renamed “BBNaija Something Something” now that the show is ongoing.

Same thing goes for the social media accounts of popular Influencers and celebrities. These Impersonators lure a lot of people to follow their Pages through deception and Fraud.

This is also a negative way of promoting oneself on social media. Impersonation Is a crime punishable under the law. It can get one Into trouble. Most of the social media platforms also frown against these practice.

Most of the Platforms will take down the accounts of Impersonators once they know. You don’t feel safe because your Pages can be banned anytime.

It’s also morally Incorrigible. It’s shining with the grace of another person unjustly. It’s the same thing with Pirates trying to feed from where they do not sow.

The biggest letdown Is that It Is mostly used by scammers to defraud people. If you love yourself, stay away from Impersonation. Be yourself and be original.

7: Buying Popular Pages, Groups And Accounts

People do sell their Pages and those who need them for traffic buy them. While this is against the standards of the Platforms, People do it nonetheless.

Does this work? Yes but only In the hands of someone who knows the nitty gritty of branding on social media. So, you see that It all comes to Branding.

Now, how do you avoid all these Wahala and build a Sustainable brand with loyal and active followers on Facebook?🤔

I shall explain these In the Concluding part of this Post.
Tenkiu 🤔

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