How To Block Access To Your Bank Account Immediately

How To Block Access To Your Bank Account Immediately


Losing your phone and wallet is not only frustrating but becomes even more concerning when your phone is linked to your bank account. Fear not, as this guide will walk you through the crucial steps of promptly blocking your bank account to thwart unauthorized access and potential fund withdrawals.

Why Swift Action Matters: Blocking Your Bank Account and SIM Card

In the unfortunate event of a stolen phone or wallet, taking immediate action is paramount. Knowing how to block your bank account swiftly can be a game-changer.

Initiating the Process: Contacting Customer Support

The initial step involves reaching out to your mobile network provider’s customer support to request the suspension of your phone line. If the banks are open, head there promptly to address the issue in person.

Alternative Approaches for Urgency

In case internet access is unavailable, or your bank’s branch is closed, calling Customer Service and providing your bank account details is a viable option. Simultaneously, disable your ATM through your online banking account. Utilizing any available phone, dial the bank code and follow the instructions promptly.

Halt Debit Transactions with a Mobile Phone

If your phone or ATM card is stolen, or you suspect fraudulent activity, preventing debit transactions is crucial. Dial the bank code on your phone, follow the prompts, and input your account number and name. This action will automatically prohibit any debit transaction requests on your account.

Bank-Specific Blocking Procedures

Different banks may have varying procedures for account blocking. While some banks might require a call to customer service, others may opt for a USSD code. Refer to the specific bank codes or USSD codes listed below for blocking your account:

  • First Bank: Send “BLOCK” to 30012 via text message
  • Zenith Bank: #966*911#
  • GTBank: 73751*10#
  • Union Bank: Send “BLOCK CARD NUBAN” to 20123
  • UBA: Dial 91910#
  • Fidelity Bank: Dial *770911#
  • Keystone Bank: Call 23470020003000
  • Sterling Bank: Call 070078378464
  • Ecobank: Send “STOP ATM [Your Account Number]” to 0806326226
  • FCMB: Call +2342798800
  • Access Bank: Call +23412802500
  • Wema Bank: Call 08039003700
  • Polaris Bank: Call +2341270850
  • IBTC: Dial *909#

Safeguarding Your SIM Card: Best Practices

Blocking your SIM card is equally crucial. Employ the following methods for swift action:

Using the IMEI Code

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) code is your phone’s unique identification number. Locate this number in your phone settings packet. In case of theft, report it to the local police, and with the police report and your ID card, approach your service provider to disable your phone and SIM card.

Forgot the IMEI? No Worries.

If you can’t recall your phone’s IMEI, report the loss to your service provider. Present the police report, your ID, and answer a few questions to verify ownership. Your service provider will then block your phone and SIM card accordingly.

By following these steps diligently, you can proactively protect your financial assets in the unfortunate event of a stolen phone. Swift and informed action is the key to mitigating potential risks associated with unauthorized access to your bank account.

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