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Good day guys,
I will be showing you how you can add your tiktok account to your social media page and get it verified.

So once you sign in, Go to your social media page once you go to your social media page

— Click on and click on add social media

— Once you click on it read this Instructions and then go to your tiktok page

— Once you go to your TikTok page, click on the edit profile. Once you click on the edit profile, you will see your TikTok username there. So once you see it there,
Click on it and copy it. Once you copy it, go back to your social media page. So once you get here,

— Click on the type of social media you want to add, which is TikTok.

— Once you select it, Input the username you copied which is your TikTok username.

— Click on Submit Social Media.

— So copy this social media username.

— Click on Submit.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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