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Have you ever watched a video whereby a picture pops up behind the speaker showing what they’re talking about In the video? Here’s how to achieve that kind of cool effect on a video

Import a screenshot or Picture you wanna use as Pop-up
Add your Original Video
Use the original video as an Overlay
Drag to the beginning of the video and select the part where you want the pop-up to appear.
Split it at the point
Go to Cut out and click on Customize Cutout
After removing the background from that clip,
Drag to the first clip on the video
Extend It to the point where you splitted the video
You can click on Screen Recording and select Speed so that It can fit Into the clip where you removed the background
Select the screenshot that’s supposed to appear behind you In the video
Click on Animation and select Rock verticals
Check the part where you removed the background and adjust it
Select the last clip and click on Maintrack
This will take you back to the Timeline. You can add Animations to it. This will make the video come back to normal as the background returns

Watch the video tutorial below 👇

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