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These five AI tools feel like a cheat code to life. You might need to save this article.

1: The first one is Riverside. It transcribes any video. You simply upload a video and then it turns it to text. It is simple to use. I use it to repurpose content.

2: The next one is Lala AI Now. You can isolate vocals and instrumental from any song. So if you want to get samples or do a cover for a song. It Is a good choice for you to use.

3: Next is Chat PDF. You can upload a PDF and ask it questions. You can use it to summarize research papers and then it’s going to explain it to you in a way that you understand, just like a kid.

4: The next is Upscale Media. Now I create a lot of content and I use images sometimes in those content and most of the time they are not good quality. So I use upscale media to bring back the sharpness in the image at larger sizes.

5: The fifth one is Adobe Speech Enhancer. Now you can upload any audio and it’s gonna make it sound like it was recorded in a studio, removing the reverb and the background noise.

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For More Details 👇

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